I’m Rohan Carr, Serious Entertainment Group’s founder and director.
I’m a theatre person, and always have been. From just 11 years old I’ve been working behind the scenes, in lighting, sound, and finally settling on my career as a Stage and Production Manager.
As a Stage Manager, it’s vital that I know how theatre works, which is why I’m so passionate about making true theatrical experiences.
I got tired of seeing theatre filmed by people who didn’t understand what it is to be an audience member. Live Entertainment is about the lights, the sounds, the visceral experience which makes an audience’s hair stand on end and ends the night with a standing ovation.
My aim is to innovate the way in which Theatre is consumed for the better. I’ve spent my life creating experiences for live audiences, and I’m excited to continue doing so in a new way.
I’m Serious about Live Entertainment (if you’ll excuse the pun).
Can you tell?

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